10G SFP ZR 80KM transceiver LC DDM SM

10G SFP ZR 80KM transceiver LC DDM SM
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ZKTEL's SFP+ is applied to 10Gbit/s Ethernet and 8.5Gbit/s Fiber Channel system, the latest pluggable optical modules. This module is designed to a smaller size and by lower costs and provides greater access density, and ultimately improves user access capacity. SFP+ in order to meet the higher data rates, designed to enhance the electromagnetic shielding than the SFP and signal protection features, and to develop a new power interface specification. Host board designers using an EDC PHY IC should follow the IC manufacturer's recommended settings for interoperating the host-board EDC PHY with a limiting receiver SFP+ module. The transceiver is ROHS compliant and lead free per Directive 2002/95/EC, Now we have data-rate of 8.5Gbps, 10Gbps SFP+ optical modules.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Storage TemperatureTst-40+85C-
Relative HumidityRH085%-
Power Supply VoltageVcc-Vee-0.53.8V-

Recommended Operating Conditions

Supply VoltageVcc3.133.33.47V
Supply currentIcc-420610mA
Operating Case temperatureTca-5-70C
Module Power DissipationPm-1.42W

[1] Supply current is shared between VCCTX and VCCRX.
[2] In-rush is defined as current level above steady state current requirements.

Transmitter Specifications - Optical and Electrical
(10G, DWDM EML and APD, DWDM,80kmReach)


Center Wavelength (SOL)c -25
Center Wavelength (EOL)c-100
Optical OMA PowerPom-1

Side Mode Suppression RatioSMSR30--dB
Optical Transmit Power (disabled)PTX_DISABLE---30dBm
Extinction RatioER9
RIN21OMA [1]

Optical Return Loss Tolerance


Data RateMra-10.311.3Gbps
Input differential impedanceRim-100-937;
Differential data InputVtxDIFF120-850mV
Transmit Disable VoltageVD2.0-Vcc3+0.3V
Transmit Enable VoltageVen0-+0.8V
Transmit Disable Assert TimeVn--100us