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10g 1310nm Fp LC Tosa Without Isolator

- Jun 17, 2016 -


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Fiber Transceiver

  • Wiring Devices:Integrated Wiring

  • Certification:CE, RoHS

  • Condition:New

  • 10g 1310nm Dfb LC Tosa:with Isolator

  • Trademark:OSEMOS

  • Specification:CE RoHS

  • Origin:China

Product Description

 Direct modulated and uncooled operation at 1310nm wavelength
 High-stability MQW-FP laser Diode
 Coaxial LC TOSA package
 Without optical isolator
 Up to 10 km
 Operating temperature range: -40C to +85C

 Supports performance up to 10 Gb/sec bit rate
 10 Gigabit Ethernet
 LR1 SONET/ SDH OC-192/ STM-64
Absolute Maximum Ratings
(Unless specified else, the specifications below are defined at TC=25C )

Storage TemperatureTstg-40100C
Operating Case TemperatureTopr-4085C
Reverse Voltage(LD)VRL---2V
Reverse Voltage(PD)VRD---6V
Photodiode Forward Current(PD)IFD---1mA
Forward Current (LD)ILD---100mA
Lead Soldering (Temperature)/(Time)------260/10C/Sec

Electrical and Optical Characteristics
(Unless specified else, the specifications below are defined at TC=25ºC )

Output Optical PowerPf0.3---0.8mWCW, Iop=Ith+30mA,100%inspection
Threshold CurrentIth---815mAat Tc=25±3ºC100%inspection
Peak Wavelengthλp129013101330nmCW, Iop=Ith+30mA,---
Spectral WidthΔλ------2.4nmCW, Iop=Ith+30mA,
Operating VoltageVop------1.6VCW, Iop=Ith+30mA,100%inspection
Monitor CurrentIm0.1---1.0mACW, Iop=Ith+30mA,100%inspection
Monitor Dark CurrentId------0.1μA------
Rise/Fall TimeTr/ Tf------45ps20%~80%---
Tracking ErrorTE-1.5---1.5dBAPC, -40C, +25C---


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