How the SFP optical module is properly installed and uninstalled

SFP optical module is a kind of optical signal and electrical signal conversion equipment, support hot-swappable. The following describes the detailed process of the SFP optical module hot swap process.

The steps to install the SFP optical module are as follows:

Step 1: Wear anti-static gloves to prevent static damage.

Step 2: Take out the SFP module with the tab facing up and the gold finger facing down. Do not pay attention to the positive and negative can not be reversed.

Step 3: Slowly push the SFP light module along the guide rail of the SFP slot of the switch until it is tightly connected to the bottom of the main unit so that the optical module can not be loosened.

Step 4: Observe whether the SFP optical module indicator is normal and determine whether the optical module is activated.

Assign the SFP optical module to the specific steps:

Step 1: Wear anti-static gloves to prevent static damage.

The second step: the SFP optical module lock pull down. Pull the pull ring to slowly pull the SFP light module in parallel.

Step 2: Take out the dust cap and cover the SFP light port. To prevent long-term exposure to light damage.

Tips: When using the SFP fiber module, do not look directly with the two fiber holes of the SFP optical module to avoid causing the laser to cause damage to the eyes.

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