QSFP+ SR4/LR4/ER4 40G transceiver

QSFP+ SR4/LR4/ER4 40G transceiver
ZKTel's QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) is a new Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) for hi...
Product Details

ZKTel's QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) is a new Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) for high speed application, such as 40Gbps, which provide four channels of data in one pluggable interface. Each channel is capable of transferring data at 10Gbps and supports a total of 40Gbps. The 40Gbps QSFP+ transceiver is well suited for Infiniband and 40GBASE-SR4/40GBASE-LR4 applications. It combines the higher density attractions of parallel modules with some of the key advantages normally associated with SFP+ based modules. It is intended for use short reach applications in switches, routers and data center equipment where it provides higher density and lower cost when compared with standard SFP+ modules.
QSFP SR4/QSFP+ SR4 It is designed to operate over multimode fibre systems using a nominal wavelength of 850nm. The electrical interface uses a 38 contact edge type connector. The optical interface uses an 8 or 12 fibre MTP(MPO) connector.

QSFP LR4/QSFP+ LR4  It is designed to operate over single mode fibre system using four 10Gbps CWDM channel in 1300 band. Which is based on two LC connectors for optical connectivity and supports 40Gbps data rate links of up to 10km.

• High-speed interconnects within and between switches, routers and transport equipment
• Server-Server Clusters, Super-computing interconnections
Proprietary backplanes
• Interconnects rack-to-rack, shelf-to-shelf, board-to-board, board-to-optical backplane
• 40GBASE-LR4 Ethernet links
• 10GBASE-SR applications
• 40GBASE-SR4 applications
• InfiniBand SDR, DDR and QDR applications

• QSFP+ MSA, SFF-8436 compatible
• Four independently addressable transmit and receive channels
• Highly compact: savings of 60% on edge and board usage compared to four comparable SFP+ modules
• Electrically hot-pluggable
• XFP-like latch mechanism for ease-of-insertion
• Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface. allows customer management and monitoring of key modules parameters, analogous to SFP+
• Optical connectivity via industry standard MPO/MTP terminated fibre ribbon

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